Campbell Newman

Technology Start-Ups


Alkira Software

Board Member

Alkira's patented technology allows companies to quickly and efficiently transition to marketing their products via digital assistants such as Google Home or Alexa. It does this by leveraging the company's existing web presence and infrastructure to create unique branded user experiences that enables creative interactions, instilling brand loyalty and facilitating transactions in new and exciting ways.



artmarketspace will be the Global Art Authority and Exchange that connects buyers and sellers of art from around the world. This is all done from a website or Application on your smart phone, leveraging existing video technology. Similar to AIRBNB, the platform transparently shows the activities and performance of all participants.


SwarmFarm Robotics

Shareholder (fORMER CHAIRMAN)

“The future of farming conceived and delivered by Farmers for Farmers.”

Bigger doesn’t always mean better. To meet the needs of a rapidly growing human population, we need to grow more food than ever before. So we are making our machinery bigger than ever before.

But what if we stopped making things bigger and just made them smarter? What if that little engine that could … became the machine that did?

This is what drives SwarmFarm. We know robotic technology holds the key to the future of farming and we want to bring it to you.