12 December 2014

Major upgrades announced as first election commitment

A congestion-busting road upgrade is the first election commitment announced for Ashgrove residents...


11 December 2014

Walkabout Creek welcomes Paddle Craft

Families and keen canoeists have an extra reason to celebrate this Christmas with paddle craft to...


05 December 2014

Residents in the Ashgrove electorate to receive Australia’s first statewide surgery guarantee

The LNP Government recently announced that local patients in the Metro-North Hospital and Health...


In the Spotlight

Plan for Ashgrove Released

I am so pleased to announce the Ashgrove plan; the second stage of my strong plan to help the Ashgrove electorate continue on the path for a brighter future. This plan is focused on supporting our schools and community groups, easing road congestion, and ensuring our local environment is looked after.

Before I was elected in 2012, I was constantly being told about how our local schools were in disrepair, crime rates were up, and roadwork that’d been promised for years only got scant attention. I knew there was a lot of work to be done after years of neglect, but I was shocked to see so many schools and community groups with crumbling infrastructure or no infrastructure at all.

I’ve worked hard to address the many inadequacies in our local area, but there is more to be done which is why I’ve listened to the needs of locals and community groups and together we’ve developed the second stage of my strong plan for Ashgrove and Queensland.

Only under a strong government has Ashgrove received the attention and funding it deserves. You can read my full plan for Ashgrove here.