22 October 2014

Safer future for schools in the Ashgrove Electorate

Students in the Ashgrove electorate will have safer journeys to and from class each day with the...


22 October 2014

Enoggera Creek restored with State Government Funding

State Member for Ashgrove Campbell Newman is pleased to announce the upper reaches of Enoggera...


21 October 2014

Can-Do local’s recognised in awards

State Member for Ashgrove Campbell Newman would like to congratulate all of the nominees and...


In the Spotlight

Power bills to be slashed under an LNP Government

The State Government is focused on delivering a strong plan to reduce power prices for residents in the Ashgrove electorate and all around Queensland.

On the weekend, Minister Mark McArdle, Treasurer Tim Nichols, and I announced our Strong Choices Electricity Price Relief plan. This will see the Government permanently remove the cost of the Solar Bonus Scheme from electricity prices, if re-elected next year.

A typical Queensland household will save $577 on their power bills over the next five years, thanks to this announcement. Our Strong Choices Electricity Price Relief plan provides direct savings to Queenslanders, while also being fiscally and economically responsible.

Under our plan there will be no change for existing solar customers. Put simply, instead of their feed-in payments coming from the price of electricity, it will come from the $3.4 billion Strong Choices Cost of Living Fund. This is a win-win situation for all Queenslanders.

To find out how much your family could save under this plan use the calculator below.